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If you're looking for amazing Black Friday deals on Smart TVs, you're in the right place. Black Friday is one of the best times to save big on a new TV, and nothing is easier than picking up an easy-setup Smart TV for less. Here, we've rounded up all the latest deals... Read More

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Save over $600 on this massive 77-inch OLED TV

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One of the all-time-best OLED TVs just got a big price cut on Amazon

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Customer favorite LG 55″ C2 Series TV sees great price drop in the run-up to Black Friday

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High-End Samsung OLED TV plummets in price in run-up to Black Friday

Black Friday's on the way and we've found a fantastic Samsung 65" OLED 4K S95C... Read More
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Over $1000 price cut on this top-end LG 83″ 4K TV ahead of Black Friday

Now that Prime Day is done, Black Friday beckons, and we've found a fantastic... Read More
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Post Prime Day Sony TV sees a tidy 10% discount in the run-up to Black Friday

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A whopping 35% off this Samsung 4K TV resulting in near $1000 discount

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Amazon deal sees the perfect TV for your PS5 fall under $1500

If the only thing you are looking for this Black Friday is a spanking new TV... Read More
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Amazon deal sees popular Samsung QLED TV slashed to under $1200

If you have been on the hunt for a new TV for a while then look no further, as... Read More
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Save over $300 on this LG Smart TV thanks to Amazon deal

It's no secret that this year's Black Friday will host endless deals on TVs... Read More

Smart TV Black Friday Deals

With all the big discounts on pretty much all TV brands, Black Friday is one of the best times to buy a new Smart TV to improve your home entertainment setup.

Smart TVs are easy to set up and use right out of the box and usually feature a simple user interface. They have built-in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, allowing you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows just by connecting to the internet, with no need to connect additional cables or devices.

Compared to traditional TVs, smart TVs are also more versatile and can be placed anywhere in your house. It’s not restricted by cables since it uses the internet to access content. Additionally, many smart TVs offer voice control and can connect with your other smart home devices for your convenience.

There are a lot of Black Friday deals right now. After meticulously comparing prices and features, our deals experts have rounded up the best smart TV Black Friday deals that you can grab now. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we immediately update our selections whenever we find new deals!

How long do Black Friday TV deals last?

You don’t need to wait for the exact date before you start hunting for TV deals. With early Black Friday deals, you can already find great deals around two weeks before Black Friday. Some of the best deals also come up during the week of Black Friday, with many products typically getting even bigger discounts on the day itself. If you miss out on all the Black Friday deals, you can check again during Cyber Monday, but the TV deals are usually not as good compared to Black Friday.

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