If you have been on the hunt for a new TV for a while then look no further, as Amazon has just sliced the price of this Samsung TV before Black Friday has even landed. 

This deal sees the Samsung 65-inch QLED TV marked down 15% from its original $1297.99 to a very tempting $1097.99 – making it one of the hottest Samsung TV deals on offer right now. Better yet, thanks to a rapid 120hz refresh rate, the Samsung Q70C is also a great choice for any Xbox Series S|X or PS5 player.

This one is a super smart deal on an even smarter piece of tech, and is perfect for those looking for a reason to feel satisfied before the other Black Friday deals launch.

Our favourite things about this Samsung 65-inch QLED TV

  • Quantum processor with 4K upscaling: Enjoy 4k content without needing to do any of the work with the Samsung 65-inch QLED TV’s transformative technology which optimises both depth and colour.
  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo+: Forget about lag and motion blur and focus on enjoying every single frame with sensational 4K visuals at speeds up to 120Hz. 
  • Dual LED: Colours have never looked bolder and better than with Samsung’s Dual LED backlights. 
  • SAMSUNG Gaming Hub: Samsung has prioritised gaming with this TV, bringing all of your games together in one place for easy and seamless access.
  • AirSlim Design: With its streamlined profile and thinner than thin appearance, the Samsung 65-inch QLED TV is the perfect fit for any environment. 
  • ConnecTime: Connect your video calls to your TV and back again faultlessly with Samsung’s ConnecTime, changing the game when it comes to socialising.

What we think about this Amazon TV deal

Overall, the Samsung 65-inch QLED TV excels in most areas – making it a fine all-round choice for most consumers. Not only does it offer a well-rounded list of specifications, it also has the added bonus of great value for money.

So, if you are looking for a piece of tech that can keep up with the fastest shows, films, and games, whilst delivering exceptional graphics and sound without fail, then this is surely the TV deal for you.